Due to the pandemic, we aren't meeting in person at the moment, but please sign up for our mailing list in the meantime. You can also send us an email.

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Coding Meetups

The in-person events are on hold at the moment because of the virus, but we're working on new plans. Please subscribe to stay updated.

We usually meet through the Code Self Study meetups which happen twice per week. They are not "autism-only", but are autism-friendly.

  • Improve your technical skills
  • Self-study with mentorship
  • Break the isolation and get used to being around other humans regularly
  • Make friends without any pressure (attending quietly is okay)
  • Network with both autistic and non-autistic people to gain industry contacts
  • Consistent -- we meet twice per week at the same times
  • Occasional extra social events
  • Chatroom and forum for online communication between and/or during meetings
  • Autism-friendly -- you don't need to worry about making social mistakes
  • Autism-only coding events coming soon
  • 500 events so far over the past six years

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