Autism Success in Tech offers resources to help autistic people achieve success in the tech industry.

  • Technical training
  • Social events
  • Professional networking
  • Improve public perception of autism

We've been planning to open an educational center with special outreach to autistic people, but the project is on hold due to the pandemic.


As many as 85% of people with Asperger's are unemployed or underemployed.1 Many of us have trouble communicating and deal with severe isolation among many other challenges, despite having high levels of skill and the ability to be contributing members of society. The tech industry is full of autistic people, but many of us are still vulnerable to falling through cracks in the system.

This project attempts to create environments and resources that provide social opportunities, technical training, and mentorship for autistic people who are having trouble finding a path into society.


Autistic minds help drive innovation. By investing in support and training for autistic people, society is investing in technological progress and innovation.

We are found at all levels of the workforce from entry-level to CEOs and especially startup founders.


"Success" means something different to each person. Some people just want to fit into a comfortable niche somewhere, and others want to change the world and make it a better place. The most important thing is to help people find doors into society, and this project attempts to create new doors.

By joining this project and lending a helping hand to other people on the autism spectrum, you can help make it even more useful.

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1Experts: Expect more employees with Asperger's in the workplace