Autism Success in Tech

Helping people on the autism spectrum achieve success in the tech industry

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Learn to Code

If you're new to programming, we can help you get started. If you're experienced, you can help other people learn. All programming languages and levels of experience are welcome.

Coding Resources
Learn to code

Job Networking

Success depends not only on what you know but also on who you know. Meeting up with other like-minded people can help expand your personal social network to improve your chances of finding opportunities.

Social Connections

One of the challenging aspects of autism is difficulty with finding friends or making professional connections. Our meetings provide a way to be around other people with similar interests.


We're open to all technologies and all levels of experience. Beginners are welcome. Here are some example technologies that people might want to work on in the group.

Web DevelopmentData ScienceSystems ProgrammingHardware
MathematicsScalaDatabasesand much more