Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience with technology?

All levels of experience are welcome, including complete beginners.

Why tech?

According to one source, "the unemployment rate for people with Asperger's is as high as 85 percent", and we intend to target that problem.

There is a large tech scene in the Bay Area, and many people on the autism spectrum are able to find success with technology, so that is the area that we're focusing on.

There also may be some connection between technical fields and autism:

A survey of more than 450,000 people in the UK has shown there is a significant correlation between a higher score on the Autism Quotient and being a scientist or engineer.

AQ scores are also higher for men than for women. "On average, the male AQ score was 21.6, compared to a female score of 19.0.

People work in a STEM-related job had an average AQ score of 21.9 compared to a score of 18.9 for individuals working in non-STEM jobs.

This suggests autistic traits are linked to both sex and to having a ‘systems-thinking’ mind." A professor involved with the work said, "These may shed light on why we find males in the population on average have slightly more autistic traits than females do, and why fathers and grandfathers of children with autism are over-represented in STEM fields." [source]

I'm not technical, but I'm a tech entrepreneur with autism/Asperger's — can I still join?

Yes, everyone is welcome.

Are there good resources for learning how to program?

In the San Francisco Bay Area, you can join Code Self Study. See also the resources page and the learn how to code page.

I am the parent of a child with autism or Asperger's — can I join?


Do I need an official autism or Asperger's diagnosis to join?

An official diagnosis is not required. This is an inclusive and friendly group for people who are interested in helping each other.

Are you only in Berkeley, California?

Our meetings are focused in Berkeley, which is where we plan to open our educational center. Anyone is welcome to join our online community. Join our group and subscribe to the newsletter to register your support and interest.

Can I register with a pseudonym?

Yes, anonymity is fine.

Can I sponsor your group?

Yes. Any assistance with organization, meeting space, software, hardware, partnerships, job training, and/or other help would be greatly appreciated. Please see the support page and/or contact us.

We are especially looking for assistance with opening up a self-directed educational center for programmers.

Where can I send additional questions and feedback about the group?

Click here to send us an email.